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    Amy's Neighborhood Ruins


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    Chapter One:
    Neighborhood Ruins

    Part Six

    As Blaine led the group to the house ruins across the street, he seemed to walk at a slightly quick pace. Perhaps there was something to fear in these parts? Maybe he's not a people personAmy seemed to be leading the others behind Blaine. The man and his ridiculous gray mustache and bald head seemed to have paused while they stood in the ruins. Only then did he seem to jump back into consciousness. "A-ah, here it is. Well hidden, wouldn't you agree?" He kicked away rubble to reveal a door in the ground. He opened it and continued down the staircase, adding, "Last one in closes the door!"

    Amy didn't answer to anything. In fact, she seemed to be glaring at him the entire time. Blaine noticed this when he turned around, and tussled her hair, only smiling. "You've grown quite a bit since I saw you last. You know, you look a lot like yo--"

    "Grrrrrrrrrrrrr..." Amethyst simply growled in response, and this caused Blaine to yank his hand back. Please don't bite it off

    Blaine gestured to a large table with many chairs. He sat on the far end of it, and Amethyst sat on the side. Two wielders sat on each side of him. Both boys, wielding a Ninetails and an Arcanine, respectively. "Ah, yes. These are my sons, Cinder and Cole."

    The Arcanine boy, Cinder, spoke first. "Oh, look, it's Amy. Still playing with dolls, I see." He was simply met with a shadow ball aimed directly at his head, and he had to turn sharply to avoid it. "Hey, watch it! I was just kidding around."

    Cole continued. "Why haven't you grown up, Amy? Still into girly-girly stuff?"

    Amy scoffed, half-annoyed and half-enraged. "Says the boy with a frilly Ninetails spirit... And hair."

    "HEY, WATCH WHAT YOU S--" Cole was silenced by his father's hand over his shoulder, so he quietly sat back down.

    Blaine spoke now, to Amy, Lucy, and Bay. "Give me a moment to explain, now. My name is Blaine, and I was a friend of Amy's father. These are my sons, and they were once playmates of Amy's."

    The boys both rolled their eyes, and Amy just scoffed and crossed her arms, clearly not in agreement. Is this really happening right now?

    "Anyways... Amy... I don't know why you're here, but you aren't supposed to be. Your parents were going to send you to the past, so you would never have to suffer through this world. I don't know why, but it looks like you were sent to the future, now, instead." Blaine took a moment to adjust his glasses. "Your parents didn't want you to see what they've done. This world is a terrible place. It's an atrocity."

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