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OPFZ will be awesome. I'm calling it. <3;

Chapter 692
I really liked this chapter. Luffy's attack was devastating. Caesar, even in his super-shinokuni-powered mode, couldn't do a damn thing other than try to tempt Luffy into joining him but was, ultimately, blasted away by Grizzly Magnum. And law. I love how serious Law is when he's talking to Luffy. And Luffy's in troll mode. XD;

Baby 5. Goddammit she's hot. And those HUGE guns. I think I'm in love. ;A; Buffalo is alright, I guess. Seems like everybody saw Luffy defeat Caesar. Luffy's gonna be well known even in New World pretty soon, I guess. And wonder what Killer was thinking in that panel? He probably thought about how they should try allying them with Strawhats after seeing what Luffy was capable of. ALSO, I could see a lucci look-alike in the shadows.

All in all, great chapter. Loved Baby 5 and Buffalo's entry. Pumped to see their interaction with Franky. :]