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    A few weeks ago my son "found" my copy of Colloseum somewhere... I REALLY wish I knew where it has been, I have not played it since before he was born (and he's now 2). Last night I managed to locate my memory card with my old save file on it, and quite happily spent a few hours leveling up some of my pokemon. It is making me REALLY want to learn to RNG in GEN III. I played with RNG in Emerald as I wanted some decent Ditto's and in my opinion they are just much easier to catch in that cave in Emerald than in the Gen IV games, but at the time I was consistently off by a dozen or more frames... and just felt that in the long run it was barely worth it. However, I had forgotten how much fun it is to climb Mt. Battle and watch your levels go up quick since each trainer typically has four or five Pokemon. (I know... EV training is near impossible in this game... )

    So... Does anyone here have decent experience with Gen III RNG abuse and have any words of wisdom?

    Most of my Pokemon I caught in Colloseum were caught using the games Master Ball glitch. Are these considered hacks for the sake of trading here?