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    Firstly to Keiran777, you do realise cc does more to every single thick fat pokemon in the game (let alone NU) than ice punch / fire punch?

    Anyway Probopass/Bastiodon/golem aren't going to be staying in on sawk now that it has mold breaker so meh, and weezing's use will decline even more so that's not particularly relevant either. Carracosta is legit but do people still use the bulky solid rock set and do they stay in on Sawk with it? If so that counts. It still doesn't do enough to Missy with eq anyway, and kills Haunter regardless.

    for eel: 252Atk Choice Band Mold Breaker Sawk (+Atk) Close Combat vs 252HP/0Def Eelektross (Neutral): 101% - 118% (378 - 445 HP). Guaranteed OHKO.

    so yeah I can't see anything that justifies it being better than sturdy, although sturdy is admittedly not too useful either

    both are equal I guess