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I would like to see:

-New eeveelutions (Ghost and Steel definitely, maybe Rock or Ground)
-New evolution of other pokemon
-Higher level cap
-More new pokemon
-A poison type legendary
-More dragon and ghost types, not necessarily that strong...
-A dark type gym
-A giga region with all the pokemon
-The possibility to get your own car (goes faster than a bicycle, but is more restricted)
-More Magikarps
-More Feebasses
-Ooh... remakes of Diamond and Pearl!
-Games for the 3DS. Not saying you need to keep 3D on, but just for the 3DS.
-A professor that isn't annoying
Meet a guy that wants to be a rom hacker.
Just trying... I'm probably not even 1% as good as most people, but I'm trying!
Also, I have pokemon soulsilver to play, but I do not do trades, battles or anything online.
Of course, you can ask me stuff, but I won't usually know the answer
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Oh yeah, I have super pokemon rumble too. All of you guys are awesome
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