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Originally Posted by ppooookkkkkkk View Post
Actually if i add the clean code the script would'nt work and also i have not modified it just added the filenames

Actually if i add the clean code the script wont work and also i did'nt modified the script i just added the filenames
You misunderstood the instructions, you are not supposed to add your file names into the code.

def pbGetTileset(name,hue=0)     
if or or       
if File.exists?("Graphics/Tilesets/Spring_"+name)         
When you call that function, the name you give to the function is automatically placed behind spring_.

For example,call the function with name 'hello.png' and you'd get Graphics/Tilesets/Spring_hello.png

You're not supposed to manually go in and add your file names where it says name, that happens automatically when the function is called.
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