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    Really? Tate and Liz were easy (at least in sapphire. In emerald it was a pain)
    WIthney I can only say the same about that. But honestly she was also fun when she tried to roll out against my stone pokemons)

    I really didnt play the HG/SS game since..I have sadly only the rom and my comp is so sloooooowpoke...Even a slowpoke could outrun it 10 times! I might give it a try when I get the real deal. Funnily Nobody mentions the dragon leaders Dragan and sandra(I dont know her english name but she was the last leader in GenII and GenIV)
    In anyway Clay was strangly hard, maybe because my partners were too slow for Onehitkills.
    Man I would be a bad Gym-leader xD

    I am kind of interested now, since there really isnt a overall hard Leader.
    So how about telling the opinion of who is the hardest leader in their corresponding region
    (Taking the younger generation, since lets face it: Gen II was the easiest Generationm ever)
    I have a dream....
    to create my own Region

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