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    Well... Hi once again;
    Since i couldnt manage to get through the cave i restarted my game to my last save point. i went around and collected all of the legendaries pokemon i could find which is around 25-30 of em..
    Then i found a Dark Fragment near the emplacement of Mew and Rayquaza..
    After looking lil bit everywhere i wanted to retry the Weird '' cave '' that was actually another dimension.
    Finally i found an entrance for it and i managed to go through the cave...
    the reward .. wasnt as nice as i thought... i was kinda wishing for another awesome Legendary pokemon or something.
    well... not im out of the cave... with the reward..... and no more legendary pokemon to catch -___-''
    Is there anything i have to do in mt-Idris all the way to the top theres a cave The AEON CAVE i believe... and i remember it saying that there would be a great reward blablabla... but... it still empty.. mmh.
    When i found the Dark fragment i also missed on what it was saying... sadly.

    Legendaries Caught : Moltres Articuno Zapdos | Entei Suicune Raikou | HO-OH Lugia | Latias Latios | Palkia Dialga | Cresselia Darkrai | Regirock Regice Registeel Regigigas | Mew Mewtwo | Celebi Jirachi | Froslass | Deoxys | Heatran | Giratina Arceus | Rayquaza Kyogre | Uxie Mesprit .

    Those i saw but failed at catching em... : Shaymin ; Azelf ; Groudon

    I found most of the plates.... again but i dont know what to do with them if i have anything to do with them...

    Well ; even tho im the only one posting i guess ill still ask some questions in case anyone knows

    i was in the ''cave of the four kings'' took me bout 40 mins to translate everything XD
    finally after i took couple of Tylenols; i found a Luminous Shard.
    Great! i was all happy. ..... But what do i do with that? XD ( i thought it would have something to do with Mt. Idris and the special empty cave that gets me mad since i dont know what to do with it )
    also. i found a pokemon in my TV!
    I beat myself in a dream dimension.
    I found an egg underwater randomly and it gave me a PHIONE; i was looking in my pokedex and i saw there was still an empty spot. i thought maybe it would evolve into something... but it doesnt seems like it. made some research. and there would be a '' Manaphy '' which is the '' Parent '' of Phione with a Ditto..
    if i bread a Phione with a Ditto do i get a Manaphy in this game ?
    i havent found a dito yet -__-'
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