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    Oda Baldotter
    With her name called from across the harbor, Oda's gaze flicked over to the young man with inhibition problems. She'd heard the screams upon stepping onto the deck, and chided herself softly for forgetting that Aerous was likely the cause. The pretty boy seemed to exemplify just what his appearance would imply to a stranger; somebody without much care for due procedure or strategy, but he had a good heart when he put his mind into it, from what Oda had seen. And, despite her personal reservations about his effectiveness in becoming an Adept, he'd proven useful for the bulkier issues on Regalo island.

    Though she could not leave the boat for the moment, Oda raised her hand and waved Aureous over to allow him to gloat over his victory. "Hello, Aerous." She called out, her voice firm but not particularly loud. Her thoughts were in part concerned for the owner of the boat she stood upon, which had no doubt suffered damage from the stray shot and blood pooled into a carpet. One would have expected the island to be a place only for the sensible, but there was always one person worrying about an orange tree. "Are you getting ready for the ball soon?" She continued as he got closer, reminding herself not to worry about island politics.
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