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    Xoxaa Illiphia

    The High Priestess

    "Let's continue, yes?" uttered the woman, drawing Xoxaa's eyes to her hand as it seemed to reach out towards her, only to interact instead with the hilt of the woman's sword.

    Nodding, the woman redirects her attention back towards the ship, acting as the hideaway of a desperate thief. Meanwhile, guards rush aboard the ship, searching for the concealed criminal. The older woman was prompt, pursuing the villain alongside the guards of the island. This was the sign Xoxaa was waiting for, although her reaction is delayed. She follows suit and rushes to the end of the pier, only to have the woman already aboard... sort of. Her body had sunk into the ship somehow, like an apparition. It's a strange and mysterious power, one Xoxaa had always thought would be a real nice one to have for a variety of reasons.

    "So... She's the intangible woman I heard about... Why was I able to hit her then? Or must she consciously activate it?" ponders Xoxaa as she stands at the pier's end, oblivious to the action on board that she's absentmindedly missing out on, again lost in her thoughts.

    Before she even realized it, the woman reappears outside, standing atop the ship once more as the other guards vacate the ship with another guard, apparently deceased in tow. Suddenly, the situation then dawns on her, realizing she had done nothing at all to assist in the chaos.

    "Sh!t! I was supposed to assist her!" recognizes Xoxaa, frozen up once more by the inconvenient circumstances.

    Authority was never something Xoxaa was too fond of, but she still would do her best to follow along in the name of self-preservation, but it never served her well when she was expected to be immediately responsive and unquestioning. She could never be the perfect soldier in that respect. Her mind is always curious, questioning the merits and morals of her actions and the motivations and desires of high command. It has given her a sense of skepticism towards people, especially those in power, so it's only natural for her to be nervous of the woman's reaction to her supposed lack of duty and responsibility. Rather abruptly, her thoughts shattered in an instant, allaying her concerns for the moment as the voice of a young man boomed across the harbor.

    “Hello Miss Oda!” shouts the voice of an energetic man of his youth, rather upbeat and energetic, perhaps due to the prospects of meeting up with a good friend?

    "Oda?" Xoxaa shifts her gaze towards the man, ignoring her previous concern over the woman she was mentally occupied by.

    It was a man, relatively youthful, and quite chipper. A bit unusually so, according to Xoxaa's perspective.

    "Well HE's quite the flamboyant guy, huh?" a crooked, awkward smile on Xoxaa's face as she examines the man's attire and build while simultaneously reflecting on his demeanor, perky as he is. "Maybe he's waving to his 'girlfriend' up there..."

    She giggles softly to herself over the situation, amusing herself while secretly passing judgment on the man's appearance, silly and "boyish" as she sees it for a man clearly in his twenties. Although she's seen him before, it was brief and they had never met. She isn't even sure of his name, although members not of her sector weren't too important to the tasks Xoxaa's designated to. Speaking of names, however, Xoxaa's focus quickly returns as her giggling stops and the smile slips from her face.

    "By the way, did he call her Oda?" contemplates the impish young woman, turning around to spot the older woman, immediately freezing up once again upon realizing the circumstances. "Sh!t!"

    Perhaps the woman's kindness is a constant and the girl's situation wont be seen as anything serious. However, life is rarely forgiving from Xoxaa's experiences. She played no role in apprehending the criminal, and worse yet, she didn't even appear to assist in the operation. Again, all she can do in her present circumstance is to await the woman's impending judgment down upon her. All she can hope for is that the woman will be forgiving and understanding as Xoxaa stands there, her glance fixates toward the ground nervously as new sweat rolls down the left side of her face. Fortunately, that moment has the woman's attention averting instead to the young man who alerted himself to this woman's sphere of awareness.

    "Hello, Aerous," she states clearly with a calm, open tone, still clearly audible from the man's more distant position. "Are you getting ready for the ball soon?"

    "Aerous?" ponders the still skittish girl, cocking her head towards the flamboyant man, examining him once more, but only briefly recognizing him. "And... the ball!? Oh sh!t!"

    The woman begins to disembark the ship to meet the man, seemingly occupying the man's attention instead. Still, her actions, although diverted, would undoubtedly return to Xoxaa soon enough, the woman's redirection failing to dissolve the trepidation Xoxaa still bears, and there's the matter of the ball that the woman mentioned. As always, circumstances always spiraled out of control, just like this one is now. She remains paralyzed, contemplating her embarrassing lack of preparedness for the ball tonight, while also still apprehensive about how the woman might react to Xoxaa's supposed irresponsibility.
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