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OH MY GOSH LOL I'm so embarrassed what is this legend business ///// -Really, if anyone between us is legend material it's you! ;7;;

Ahh yeah I once had a friend who had the same problem with oversharpening-- it'd look fine in PS and then as soon as he exported it it'd just look so pixellated... I wonder why that happens....? Also, I had a vague suspicion that the "If I could go away.." tag was a request LOL! Alas, not much that can be done in that case...

But I must agree, your Zoro icon is incredibly adorable-- I saw it when I checked back on this thread and I love it so much! What I think you could do to improve on it next time though is perhaps not use a straight black on "Melon" like you did this time? It really draws the viewers attention in a way that perhaps is a bit detrimental, especially since there's no other area in the icon where such a pure value of black is found. Makes the text too much of a focus IMO! Maybe use that lighter brownish shade of black on his pants next time, so it doesn't draw attention away from zoro and the watermelon so much?

But otherwise love this update, I personally really like the way you work with colors! ;7;;;
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