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I've been getting back into spriting recently, and I decided to revamp one of my older sprites.

Here it is; a revamp of my Normal-type Gym Leader Nora.

"Nora- "The Pretty Pink Princess"
Gym Leader of Cobblestone City (1st Gym Leader)
Badge- Regal Badge
Type- Normal

* Clefairy lv 12
* Delcatty lv 14

Desc.- Nora is the youngest Gym Leader and this fact is very obvious. Due to her age, she expresses very immature behavior and often doesn't take her duties seriously, preferring to venture or play games instead. Her father maintained the Gym before her and was actually the 8th and final Gym Leader, but due to passing it onto her daughter, the Gym was downgraded. Her father, while very mature and experienced, even has trouble training his daughter, who'd rather play games in the nearby Abandoned Mansion, where the player has to first find her before she returns to her gym. She is also very spoilt, and doesn't take losing easily."

Nevermind, I can see it now. :D I really like it. :D The shading is very accurate and you really did a good job revamping it. :D I only have a few criticisms and they are that it's nose isn't very prominent/noticeable, so perhaps you could make that area a bit lighter? I think it could really help to make it stand out. Also, the pixels on the rear area seem a bit jagged; maybe you could smoothen that out a little too? Otherwise, great work. :D
Here's another revamp:

"Archie- "The Silent Shivering Trainer"
Gym Leader of Snowfall City
Badge- Iceberg Badge
Type- Ice

* Piloswine lv 20
* Snorunt lv 22

Desc.- A harsh blizzard was raging at the peak of Snowfall Mountain- an unnatural, harsh blizzard. Archie was only little, and his father, a famous adventurer, rose to the challenge to try to uncover what was behind this powerful snowstorm. This was many years ago, and to this day, no-one knows what happened to Archie's father. Archie has become cold and distant from the traumatic experience, and it's as if his heart had frozen over. While he still has good intentions, Archie appears quite cruel and heartless to those who do not fully understand him. He takes comfort in his Pokemon, and treasures his Snorunt which was a gift from his father before his disappearance. He now lives with his grandma- who is almost like a parent-figure to Archie. Occasionally, Archie will go on trips to Snowfall Mountain in the hopes he'll find is father."
Another Gym Leader-

"Graham- "Hard as rock."
Gym Leader of Undermine City
Badge- Mine Badge
Type- Ground

* Trapinch lv 24
* Graveler lv 25
* Sandslash lv 27

Desc.- Graham is an avid miner who is in love with his work. Mining is his one true passion, and his trusty partner Sandslash assists him. He helped to carve the tunnels leading through and under the town. Before becoming a Gym Leader, Graham was also previously a hiker, trekking across many mountains, including Mount Coronet in Sinnoh and Mount Moon in Kanto. His love of mountains and mining was sparked when he was younger and he got lost in a cave. A wild Sandshrew (now his Sandslash) helped lead him out f the cave and ever since then he's been infatuated with rocks and tunnels.

Additionally, Graham has a weight problem he'd be quick to deny. He often sneaks off to the near-by restaurant when he should be maintaining his Gym, which does sometimes cause a problem for trainers."

Please don't use these sprites btw. I'm thinking of starting a ROM hack but who knows? xD