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"Witch!" a growling voice suddenly echoes from behind you. When you turn around, you see a peculiar creature stand 10 meters away, pointing with a spear at you. It looks like a short little brown bear on two legs, with a warm hat and a leather vest. "Don't come here and defile the Obsidiruins by mentioning the heiress! I'll show you!"

He tumbles in your direction, clearly meaning to attack you. But mostly, he looks like a teddy bear that you just want to cuddle up with. It's probably best if you don't really harm him. I mean, in comparison to the creepy imps and basilisks, this one actually talks.


KEFKASPRITE laughs a little, but gets sand stuck in his throat and has to cough it up before he sighs at how boring you are to him and accepts defeat for now. Well, not defeat, but at least he doesn't seem to want to fly off and kill things just yet.

"I guess I have to tell you some things... before we massacre! Hahahaha. Let's see then... Didn't I tell you already? You are on your very own LAND. A planetoid in the MEDIUM, which is like space only better - if I'd fly up there, I could probably fly ANYWHERE and breathe without problem!"

He seems to really consider this idea for a moment, before something makes him sigh and hesitate again, but clicking his strange, long beak annoyedly. Maybe the game forces him to behave since, after all, he is your SPRITE now.

"You have a quest and I CAN HELP YOU DEVASTATE YOUR LAND! If you should choose to do that. But it could be a better idea to explore your land bit for bit, find the local population and learn from them more about your mission. MISSION, HAHAHA! More like a SUICIDAL OPERATION! Actually. Or if you want my help, I can kill you FOR YOU!"

He shudders and closes his eyes for a brief moment. KEFKASPRITE seems rather conflicted and not really coherent when he talks. Yeah, that further kind of points at the game forcing him to be useful to you even though he would rather just make you explode into a thousand beautiful corns of bloody sand.

"Aaaahsjdk. Anyways, your friends are on their own planetoids, LANDS, spread around the center of the MEDIUM, called SKAIA. And SKAIA, baby, is where we ALL WANT TO GO!! Eventually. But if you end up there without understanding your ROLE, it won't do any good. So try to find out from the locals... who you are!"

==> Unless you have a better idea, approach the village. You are now allowed to bunny KEFKASPRITE. It's not like he's got anything more decent to tell you, he's pretty disgusted with himself already.