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    Emma VanBoven
    (Route 101-Oldale Town)
    "Yeah! I caught a Sentret!" Emma yells with her fist pumping in the air. She then begins to ponder a proper name for a Sentret. She decides to get out her pokedex, and check its gender. "Hmm... It appears it's male," said Emma to Roller, "should we name him Stripes?" Roller shakes his head, "How 'bout Randall?" Roller shakes his head in approval. "Randall it is! Let's meet She says, throwing the pokeball into the air.
    "Se? Sentret?" Randall says. Randall climbs onto Emma's shoulder, and digs its head into her bag. It comes out with a berry in its mouth. "Sentret..." he says savoringly. He then goes down and chats with Roller.
    "Roller and Randall... How cute! Both names start with R!" Emma says adoringly. She then walks to Odale town, with her pokemon trailing behind.
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