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    I think the point is being missed about the revive being next to his desk. Look at it as it being next to his desk that it accompanies is space like his work area. So as he fumbles about trying to come up with a new plan symbolically the answer is right in front of him through the revive. Which means it is most likely a pokemon game... what would throw me off completely if it was a pokemon tcg revive haha
    It is symbolic though.
    It could be kanto, it could be hoenn. Heck it could even be johto or sinnoh at this point gamefreak is full of suprises... the only thing i have to ask though is what about the refrences scattered all over the place in bw2 that is rse revive...
    The rocket grunt being replaced by the magma and aqau grunt
    Reversal mountain? Of course heatran dwells there but really they could of kept it a lava pool ofvthat was the case... i know someone will say well since black 2 is like a opposite futre world it gets the inactive volcano which has since become a cavern lake but really why go through the trouble if it didnt serve a purpose in the story?
    Well kyogres lair looked alot like that... groudons lair looked alot like reversal mountain in white 2... could be just churning up tile sets ahead of time
    Im also sure there is either a boy or a woman somewhere ( im replaying black 2 now. Ill tell yall when ibfind it). That goes on about the land being expanded and why it is harmful and the sea being expanded and why it is harmful also.
    Then again that could be what the grunts talk about but still...
    The inside of strange house looks like the inside of the abandoned ship near pacifidlog and you cant say humilau isnt a replica of pacifidlog and we have marlon
    What other games had a water type for the 8th gym leader?
    We have hidden grotoes now
    Which looks alot a cooler and more advanced and serves a cooler purpose the only other games we had anything like that was the secret bases in r.s.e
    We have rapids ( we had em in black and white but still)
    I love the fact that someone is going to say that none of this gives factual proof of an rse remake it is hilarious because it isnt about factual proof its about picking up on the hints and either being accuraye or being trolled by gamefreak. Its all in good fun.
    I cant stand it when no one wants to spin off ideas or help elaborate instead they wanna come in with theor suit and tie and cut all imagination short and start talking about facts... one thing you can always rely on gamefreak for though is a tight lip
    So if your waiting on facts, you might as well wait for complete confirmation. Of the next game people.
    Untill then ima have fun speculating and hint searching on black 2
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