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    Alice Crenshaw
    Academy Grounds -> Entei Dorm

    Wow, Alice did not see this coming along. Not only she saw Roxas, who was the one who could turn her cheeks as red as her hair using only words, but now he was pushing her back to the dorms? Was that...allowed? She would have said something about it; she was, however, too embarassed and overwhelmed by that situation to do so. She could only watch as the boy continued to talk to her and push her towards the Entei Dorm building, which she had left a matter of minutes before. Then Roxas stopped, and to Alice's surprise both of them were outside her dorm room.

    "Wait, R-Roxas, h-how'd you k-know where I-" she said before she was pushed inside.

    Jello floated behind them, keeping an eye on Roxas. When he pushed his trainer inside her room, the purple Solosis dashed inside, and joined Alice, whose face could not be more red.

    "Alice, what is he doing? Pushing you around like that..." he said telepathically to Alice.

    "N-Nothing...He just...w-worries..." she said, putting both of her index fingers together.

    "I don't like this..." he replied, "I don't like him."

    But Alice did not listen to those last words. Instead she approached the door shyly, opened it and looked at the Suicune Dorm kid who was waiting for her. "Umm, Roxas...I...I'm okay...really..." she said.

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