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To be honest, I'm going to have to go with Golurk. It's so slow, and always seems to die after one or two super effective hits, which every pokemon in Unova seems to have a super effective attack against it. Along with that, it comes too late in the game to be of any use, and it's head is way too small for it's body, so it's just a huge derp. Also, it can fly for no reason. So it makes me mad. Oh, and I'm stuck with it in my username due to me liking robots back when I joined.

So joking aside, in all actuality I'd have to say I'd want to get rid of Cobalion. I hate the musketeer trio, except for Keldeo, because they look like a human/animal creepy hybrid...thing. Plus, I'm not a fan of legends, and while their backstory is interesting, Cobalion is just the worst of them. It's typing isn't fun to use in game (for me at least) and it's a dissatisfying legend. So I'd choose to get rid of it (and either gamefreak can replace it or just have Keldeo be the other musketeer instead of Cobalion, I don't know, just get rid of it)
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