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"What do you mean I'm out of control!?" I yelled at a guard of the swords, "Who put you up to this!?" I had been stopped in my house clothes by some stupid guard

"Nobody Ms. Annabelle, simply put, today you have broken sixteen rules." He said sternly, he was a fat, ugly, meat head, "Six accounts of stealing, two accounts of breaking and entering, three accounts of disorderly conduct, and four accounts of assault."

"Ha! You can't count! You stupid guard, that was only fifteen accounts." I got him there, he looked like a fool, "Why don't you scurry on back to your post." I said sticking my toungue out at him.

"There it is, sixteen, insulting a superior." He wrote in a small notebook.

"Hey! That isn't fair, that isn't even a law, and I'm a coin, which means rank is irrelevant!"

"I'm going to take you in to see Marcus, your misdemeanors have caused too much trouble." The man thought I would go without a fight, clearly he was new.

"You see the problem with that is," I kicked him in the stomach, "You have to catch me first!" I laughed maniacly. "Ask your friends why I always get away, hahahaha." I grabbed the rope I hid under my bed and tied it to my bed post. The guard had begun to recover, "Oh crap!" I jumped out the window and shimmied down the wall. The guard leaned out the window confused, "Remember this next time you come to me to take me in!" I laughed with a taunting manner, "You'll never get me! NEVER!" I ran through the garden, careful not to step on any flowers.

I had a list of hiding spots, by my favorite was on top of the roof, nobody looked there, and I hid another rope up there so I could get down if needed. I climbed a tree near the mansion, then kept onto a small ridge under the roof, then all I needed to do was pull myself up. I figured I'd stay up there until the guards forgot about my misdemeanors. I mean come on, I paid all my debts, and the four guys I attacked were all saying how small I was. Not to mention I only broke into that store because I wanted to buy some candy, but they were not open.

I sat on the roof for a bit, until I saw a ladder, a curious sight indeed. Though I soon found out what had propped the ladder, that stupid guard had followed me up here! "Hold it right there! We must take you in for disciplinary action."

"How did... Never mind, I will never go to your leader, I'm not even a sword, so he isn't in charge of me!" The guard sighed.

"Don't do anything rash girl, just come peacefully with me." He slowly climbed by, treating me like a dog that was about to attack because it felt threatened. He wouldn't be too far off though.

"What exactly qualifies as rash?" My rope was hidden near where he stood, "Like kicking you in the stomach again or pushing you like an old man and skidding down your ladder?" I probably wouldn't be able to sneak attack him again, but I had practiced softening my falls with energy shields, well rather energy absorption shields. It works by taking physical, potential energy and negating it. It took a lot of reading to actually relate my. Skills to science and math, but I had succeeded. I looked over the edge, quite a fall. "Would jumping count as rash?"

"Don't jump, I'm sure your punishments won't be excessively severe." He said with a red face.

I calculated that if I jumped I would either break my legs, or absorb the fall. Oh well, first time for everything! "Haha! I guess you'll never find out." I jumped while yelling and laughing. Right before I landed, I prepared the shield, it somewhat worked. I didn't break anything, though I did feel a sharp pain, along with the still open deep cuts on my arms. "Crap! I forgot, I'm probably heavier than the last time I weighed myself, I completely forgot to account for a mass increase..." I layed on the ground a bit winded, my pride hurt more than my body. "Maybe I should try again, and this time with the new weight."

"No no," The guard was very out of breath, clearly he had run to check and see if I was dead or crippled, "Just come with me."

I really wasn't in a position to run again, my legs hurt, as did my arms, though he was way out of breath, so I guess we were on even ground. "You. Will. Never. Catch. Me."

He walked up and layed down next to me panting, we were in the garden. "Well lets rest and then we can try this again." He said this in a much kinder tone, so I didn't attempt to punch him in the side. I will should retract my earlier statement about him being ugly and fat and a meat head. He really wasn't all that bad looking, he was still stupid, but he certainly was a sight to look at. I think he was older than me by a few years though.

"Well you should catch me now while you can, because once I'm better, you won't catch me." I said, a bit less enthusiastically than before.

"Well what is your name?" He asked.

"Well you're an idiot, you already said my name earlier." I might add meat head back in actually.

"Well I am being polite, you know formal introduction and all. My name is Steven." He said, a little less tired now.

"Well my name is Annabelle, but if you call me anything but Annabelle or Anna, then I will beat you up." I made sure I was always called by my first name, and not the second half of it. "And why do you care? Your just a swords member, and not even a good one."

"Well we are laying in a flower bed, together." He must think he is s smooth, "I mean isn't it better to be taken in by someone you know?"

"Are you implying that you are going to take me in and you know who I am? Because neither of those are right, and if your leader wants to talk to me, he can attempt to catch me at the ball tonight."

"Here is an idea! Why don't I escort you to it, and bring you to the leader, then if you want you can punch me in the gut and run again. If you do that, I'll leave you alone until then." I couldn't really decline that offer, he practically asked me to punch him in his abdomen.

"Deal, now carry me to my room, I need to change and my legs hurt because of you!"

He sighed, "It was you that jumped. You could've easily followed me down the ladder and ran if you wanted." Silly normal people always think of normal ways to do things, so I ignored him. He stood up slowly, now back to a normal heart rate. He then picked me up like a baby. Now I am not very tall, only standing at 4"11 but, I still can't say I am the lightest person. Well he must be pretty strong because he didn't even struggle to pick me up. "Can't believe I have to carry you to your room because you were stupid enough to jump off the roof."

"I miscalculated! I forgot the my weight was higher than the last time I took it." If I could cross my arms without them hurting, I would. "Get a maid, I need someone to put my dress on."

"So you need to get dressed like a little girl too?" He laughed.

"Shut your mouth, for your information, I have problems with my arms because I stop real bad guys. Get Sharon, she always gives me cookies and puts bubbles in my bath!" The last part was a slip of toungue, I was slightly embaressed. "You know, with my bath of blood and evil tears!" He simply laughed and placed me on my bed.

"I'll be here to pick you up right before the ball, if you run away I will send more guards after you."

"Whatever." Steven laughed and walked out, a few moments latter Sharon the maid walked in.

"I was sent in by a handsome young man, is he your date?" Sharon was an old lady, with a lot of history in the house, she was like a grandmother to me.

"Sort of, he wants me to turn myself in at the ball." She slipped of my house shirt and asked which dress I wanted, "The red one please!"

"Pretty nasty cuts dear, tell me can I convince you to see a nurse?" She said in the most fragil, caring, and nice voice I've heard. She slipped the dress on carefully, and began brushing my hair.

"No it is fine, I'm way too strong to seek medical help. I'll be fine." She brushed all of the knots in hair away, a very painful process I hated. "I need to sleep a bit before the ball actually, do you think you can come later and redress me? I'm so sorry if it is inconvenient."

"No no, it is fine. Even the strong a beautiful have to sleep! I'll wake you with enough time to change." She slipped my dress of, but me in a night gown and left the room.

I laid in bed for some nice, relaxing sleep.
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