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    Originally Posted by Kura View Post
    Of course.. I don't think I could possibly eat less; I like eating lol. I mean stricter as in.. fruit in the morning, not with dinner, less cheese, more meat.. less sugary foods (like banana-chips or less breads in the evening)
    That's nice! Just don't eat more meat, try to eat as much as you was eating before, and instead of just using meat for the protein gain try to diversify your protein source! Butter, beans, spinach etc are a good exemple.
    A diverse diet is the key for a healthy alimentation.

    Originally Posted by Kura View Post
    Yeah I know someone who's a poledancer too, and she has amazing body strength. She can lift her whole self sideways and perfectly straight with just her arms. Amazing! Hold herself up with a leg, etc; she's a dancer too! Very talented!
    Oh, that's so nice that you know some pole dancer and recognizes our work! <3

    Originally Posted by Kura View Post
    For myself, though? Unless it was a class that was specifically focused of the strengthening aspect, I'd find that to be a bit too personal. I'd leave the sex appeal stuff for the bedroom only.. and feel uncomfortable if I had to act out being sexy in a public setting.
    You don't need to be sexy in public in order to be a pole dancer. I'm not sexy at all. There's so many gorgeous dancers out there that don't care that much about being sexy.
    Watch this video.

    Originally Posted by Kura View Post
    I'm actually really flexible and naturally have hypermobility. I'm trying to lengthen my hamstrings and calves more, though, to help strengthen my fallen arches. But generally I can go past touching my toes and actually easily lay my palms flat on the floor in front of me. Should work a bit on my downward dog, though.. hence the tight back-legs. Posture is more what I'm trying to focus on since I have a desk job.
    Oh, that's cool! I also have hypermobility so I can understand. You won't gain real streanght and resistence so easily exactly because of that.
    And yeah you should focus on your posture since I don't want you to loose your back flexibility. ;;