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Gua was sitting in the sand on the beachy outskirts of Sandgem town with his new Teddiursa sitting in his lap. He had pulled out a pen and a notebook and was writing about the experience

"It has only been half and hour since I met my Teddiursa yet we are already perfectly in sync. Every aspect of our personalities seem to fit together like the pieces of a puzzle and yet for some reason I can't think of a name for her. I don't want to leave her nameless, like any other old pokemon and yet it feels strange for me to be deciding who my companion is, especially one who is so like minded."

That was the last thing he had written in the notepad. He put the booklet into his backpack and stroked his new partners head. She seemed to enjoy the attention.
"What should I call you?" he asked the small, bear-like pokemon
"Teddi?" the pokemon responded questioningly, shrugging its shoulders. Gau figured something would come to him eventually, although he really didn't know why he felt so compelled to name the pokemon, it really wasn't his place to name anything. He looked at the watch-like object on his right wrist, it was displaying the number 50 in large green digits.

Gau sat, continuing to stroke his starter's head and watched the various water pokemon in the ocean.
"What have I gotten myself into I wonder" he pondered until he was shaken from his thoughts by approaching voices, only one sounded even remotely human.