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    Originally Posted by xxcandyvioletxx View Post
    Hi all,
    For anyone who uses or knows a lot about Advance Map Editor for Fire Red, I really need help...
    I was changing around tiles in the house that connects Route 2 to Viridian forest, and something went wrong.
    First of all, for some reason in the left panel where it displays the maps, under Route 2 it replaced all of the maps with the house map that connects it. They are all the same now, and I can't find out how to fix it so that the other maps will show up again.

    The second problem is, I can't get out of the house, because I saved the game on accident where the house is, and now my player is stuck, because for some reason, even after changing the movements to C where they should be, my player still can't get out of either door in the house.

    Would there happen to be any way to restore all of Route 2 to it's default settings? I tried searching on google but I couldn't find any help for it.

    The best thing you can do is go to an earlier version of the game before you saved those changes.