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Kamui Ozora: Level 4
Floor 8 - Dovren

Everyone had entered the store. Kamui had ignored what Fester & Rose had commented. Actually, he wasn't paying attention at the time. He himself entered the store, & behind the counter was an NPC or player. Fester asked him if he had any weapons for Kamui, specifically a level 4 sword. The clerk brought up a few good weapons. The first one he mentioned, a white blade and a dark-grey hilt, seemed nice.

"H-how much?" he nervously asked. A blade that can freeze, who could pass out on that? Still, there was too much tension in this room. Well, enough for Kamui anyway.

Just stay calm. You'll get through this, Kamui thought in his head, repeating it inside over & over again, taking in deep breaths to help. He noticed Natsumi was interested in a weapon as well. How much would his weapon cost anyway? He had plenty of money, but not much since players have been advancing through the floors. Speaking of which, floor 8's dungeon has been located. Now Kamui wasn't stupid! No way he's charging in to find the boss like a lunatic. He just needs to train & level up. Then he can maybe reach the final floor.

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