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Ari - The Empress - Mission 1

A feeling of accomplishment settled in Ari, one that she didn’t feel too often lately due to lack of work. Her mind wondered places and so her feet carried her ahead without too much of a second thought. Pebbles lodged themselves between her bare feet as she hastily walked the streets of Regalo. The people around her hesitated to look her in the eyes because they feared her reputation. Once or twice she had traumatized innocent victims for the sake of fun. Ari wore a smug look on her face as she recalled the memories. When someone is either surprised or dying that’s when their screams became pleasurable to her. Above all else was when one pleaded for their life to be spared as if Ari cared enough to listen to their words. Her mind focused on the sensation of breaking them down into emotional wreckage along with the physical torture. Unfortunately she was under strict orders to spare their pitifully lives from Nova but driving them to the brisk of death and back had satisfied her, for now.

“Ms. Terranci?” Ari wiped her head in the direction of person who daringly spoke her name. If her minacious glare had the ability to kill someone this person had been exterminated, her state of mind still rolled in the memories of her sadistic past. Instantly Ari relaxed as she realized it was only Domencio but he had done the exact opposite. His whole body immediately tensed and his eyes shifted to the ground as if he were being scolded. In his rather large hands he clutched her shoes for his miserable life. The simple power she had from her reputation was truly an astonishing feat. Yet the public thought she got her power of illusions from her menacing eyes. A rumor that she hadn’t properly corrected in fear that it might do irreparable damage to her notoriety.

“Thank you, Domencio. Here!” She whispered as she crept closer to the man until there wasn’t any space between their bodies. Her breath tickled the man’s skin as a chill ran down his spine. She watched his Adam’s apple go up then down as if he had swallowed his words. She, in a flirty gesture, walked her fingers down the arm that held her shoes. To put the final touches on her rather perfect manipulative scene she moved down to his fingers where she fiddled with his worn silver wedding ring. Then she stuck her hand slowly into his pocket where she placed the money she took for them thief earlier in the day. He reluctantly in return met her eyes clearly responded more pleasantly this time. Ari erupted in laughter and snatched her shoes and disappeared into an alley. Her feminine wilds had never worked on anyone better than a middle aged, married man whose wife no longer had an interest in him. She casted a glance over her right shoulder to make sure he still watched her every movement, which he most certainly was, and with hands positioned on her hips walked with such confidence it demanded all attention be attracted to it at once.

Right away Ari regretted her strides as she stepped in the remains of dead rat and sewer water. At least she hadn’t taken the time to put on her shoes, which would’ve caused uproar and a vast wardrobe change for tonight’s ball. She muttered her distaste for her current uncouth environment, as she not as confidentially strutted back to the Famiglia’s mansion. Fate had timed her appearance perfectly as she watched the scene of the day take place in front of her. Ari in a short moment noticed the Arcana Mark before she took note of her the girl who displayed her self in a tacky manner. Her distant placement from the conversation hadn't hinder her as she assessed the situation in a cruel yet reasonable way. The girl clearly was new to the Arcana Famiglia and had yet to learn respect, which by Ari’s standards is intolerable. Ari silently strolled forward and continued to watch the girl climb a tree to escape inevitable capture. The rest of the ordeal unfolded in a rather predictable way with the newbie on the roof and then stupidly jumped. She questioned how the girl made it with seemingly no scratches or severe injuries. Eventually the guard carried the girl into the mansion; Ari traveled across the garden in order to lurk in the background to find out where he dropped her off at then patiently waited outside the bedroom for the maid to vacant her room where she heard the last tidbits of conversation. Before she entered the room in a fashion that seemed to demand attention she slid on her fancy golden heels that boosted her height to a staggering 6'.

“Did you just ask a maid to redress you? How pathetic.” Her voice filled with disgust and her words of venom but she hadn't wasted any time to wait for Annabell to respond. Ari carefully leaned her body against the doorframe so her elegant yet teasingly seductive dress hadn't snag. “You’re new here so that means you should be speaking when spoken to. When I commit your name to memory is when you are allowed to talk but I haven’t got the slightest clue of who you are.” Her lies spun a web so convincing it couldn’t help but be taken as the truth. The girl’s named was Annabell Belizaire, she was eighteen years old, holder of the eighteenth card titled The Moon, which allowed her to draw out people’s memories, and a member of Coin. Her control over her so-called Arcana Powers was laughable and she had a mangy, yellow mutt that followed her around. Ari had a file about every single person who was a contracted cardholder and within the Arcana Famiglia. “Grow up, kid. This isn’t fun and games anymore if you want that go play in your bubble baths back at the bank and stay there.” She kept her trained eyes on her, ones that seemed to be swirled with hatred as she glared at the vile human being on the bed. In case of the need of emergency reinforcement her Arcana Mark came to life on her back unknown to Annabell.

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