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Camellia de Telarius – #20 Judgement

”Four of them, four of us!” Marcus said to Camellia and her brothers as the thieves scrambled to their feet; noticing the slumped figure of their captain at Marcus’ feet. While the three boys made their motions to intercept and face off against a thief, Camellia took the chance to walk backwards to the bow of the ship, hoping to separate herself from the fighting going on. However while the others had engaged their opponents, Camellia’s began walking towards her, tapping the pipe he had picked up off the deck menacingly. She winced every time he struck the pipe; the reverberations passing through the air making her shiver.

Camellia withdrew the knife from inside her jacket, holding it out shakily in front of herself. Having never used it for anything more than decoration, she didn’t know how to fight with it, much less fend this man off. She continued to back up, feeling the front of the boat draw near; the end of the line. With every two step she took, the thief matched it in one stride.

“Little girl with a little knife, doesn’t even know how to hold one,” a raspy laugh escaped his throat as he drew nearer to her; almost within striking distance.
“I-I-I can, you don’t want to hurt me!” She stammered, hoping to catch the guard out.
He smirked, “Why would that be, missy?”
“I-I have an Arcana Card!” Almost anyone knew of the famiglia’s affinity with the Arcana Cards and were equally wary of the people who held them as the power the cards imbued.

He lunged for her, swinging the pipe wildly, giving Camellia enough time to duck as it sailed past her head; brushing against the top of her ponytail. Again she stepped back and again he swung at her, but Camellia saw the attacks coming only moments before they were executed; giving her the upper hand and ability to dodge any coming her way. She silently thanked her Arcana Card for giving her even the briefest of visions as she used it to dodge any swing the thief aimed at her; but it couldn't go on for much longer.

There still remained the small matter of her lack of space as the next volley of swings brought her to the bow of the ship; wooden skirting separating her from a metre drop into the crystal clear waters of the bay. He knew she was out of room, sprinting forward and slashing the pipe in a downward motion. She tried to sidestep the strike, hoping to appear just outside of his swing, but Camellia forgot the wet skirting that lined the ship. At the wrong angle, her foot twisted, sending a sharp pain up her body as she fell backwards into the cool waters below.

The waters around Regalo sunk into the ocean quickly, making it a great place for sea trade and ships to dock. With clothes on, Camellia struggled against the weight bearing down on her as well as the current that threatened to drag her out into the sea. It didn't help that, in her last inhale, she had drawn in a large quantity of water. She continued to struggle, disorientating herself even more as she fought with her restricting clothing and tried to push herself to the surface.
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