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Allan Larsen - Forest

Taking a deep breath to calm himself, Allan looked over to the two waddle-dees and the goomba laying in the ground a little further away. Raising his hands, he stared into them with raised brows and an amazed look in his eyes.

"... Wow. So... I don't only have his abilities, I'm also as strong and fast as him, and I even have his experience in fighting. I... really can't believe this. This is too much."

Sitting himself down, Allan crossed his legs and folded his arms across his chest, shutting his eyes. He took a deep breath through his nose and simply rested, trying to calm down his rapidly pounding heart from the combat that had taken place only moments ago, while trying to figure out exactly what was going on, and what he should do.

"... I need food. And a place to sleep when it gets too dark. Treetops should do, unless I find a cave of some description that I can close." he thought to himself as he stared ahead with closed eyes. However, in the middle of his planning, he noticed something.

Despite his eyes being closed, he could... feel something. A tingling feeling he hadn't felt before, and as he turned his head with his eyes still closed, to where the feeling seemed to stem from, he noticed a blue glow against the blackness of his shut eyes.

Surprised, he opened his eyes and saw that the blue glow came from behind a tree a little further back. However, it didn't seem to give off light of any kind. After a few moments of trying to figure this out, his eyes widened.

"... Lucario can sense auras! Of course!"

With this new revelation, he pushed himself to a stand, eager about his newest discovery. He bent his legs and lept up into the air and then off of a tree and into the treetops. He jumped from branch to branch until he was right above the aura. Silently, he moved down to peek down at it and noticed it to be a regular ol' Koopa.

Sporting a smirk, he lept down from the branch and landed nice and softly on the ground, clearing his throat as he did. The Koopa then waddled around and spotted him. At first, it was just waddling towards him, but it soon set off in a charge. Still not the fastest thing, but still dangerous, considering Allan didn't know how hard they'd hit once they did hit.

He side-stepped away from it and the Koopa came to a skidding halt, turning again, clearly frustrated. As Allan was about to chuckle at the poor turtle, the Koopa ducked it's head into the shell and now sped off towards him with incredibly speed.

Only barely managing to duck out of the way, the Koopa knocked against a tree and spun for a moment before moving towards him again. Allan grit his teeth and clenched his fists, waiting for the right moment.

Just before the turtle hit him, he lept into the air, and as the Koopa was just below him, he slammed both of his feet downwards, imbued with the blue energy Lucario used in his attacks, slamming against the Koopa, knocking it firmly into the ground. Allan wasn't taking any chances and landed next to the turtle, spinning around as he delivered a firm kick against it, sending it blasting off through the forest.

"... Mrph. I have to be more careful..." he mumbled out, watching his foe skid off. He then looked to the treetops and lept upwards, landing on a branch as he continued his trek through the forest, looking for food, shelter and other survivors.