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James Chleevas, "JayC"

"This sucks. Yep, totally," James muttered as he walked through the seemingly harmless forest. "I still haven't woken up yet!" he whined, then stopped still. He looked behind him, at the bat wings attached to his jacket, then grabbed one of them and pulled it abruptly. The wing would certainly be ripped off if it was made of paper, and it didn't seem like paper to the touch. "This feels real... oh, man."

Suddenly, something hit him on his back full force. "Motherf--," he didn't finish as he fell on the ground and rolled to face his opponent, a Goomba. He quickly adopted a shocked expression which wasn't visible behind the Meta Knight's mask. "This is real, alright!"

James shot himself up and drew the golden sword from his back. In the second that followed, he evaluated the thing that was standing before him, ready to launch another attack. Aren't these things in the Mario games? Goombas... they should be called Potatoes With Eyes instead. That sounds more catchy, too... The opportunity seemed perfect for him to test the powers Camelia supposedly gave him. He quickly thought of Meta Knight and the hours he spent playing as him in SSBB - but he couldn't see himself pulling those off. Meta Knight was literally a twister of death, while he could barely swing his sword around. He would have to learn to fight in his own way, if he was to survive this, dream or reality.

Some moments passed. Seeing as the Goomba was still readying to charge, he extended his sword towards it and got his body into a battle stance which seemed most comfortable to him; he had seen it in various games with swordsmen. If he was to fight like a swordsman, might as well act as one as well.

"Come at me, bro," he shouted at the Goomba, grinning slightly. He seemed oblivious to the fact that not only he was failing to act like a swordsman like Meta Knight, but he looked ridiculous too. At least to the global standards of the world.

The Goomba decided to resume its assault on him, and James thought it was because he taunted it. However ridiculous he may have looked, he was ready for his enemy. His wings left a vibrant shadow on the spot as he sidestepped to avoid the Goomba that launched itself at him like a bullet. After hitting on a tree with its hard head, it instantly changed direction for another attack, but James was much too close and his golden sword sliced through the being. The blade had been stuck between its eyes, and although the being was a creation of a virtual game, the sight disgusted James. He quickly put the blade with the Goomba against the ground, then pressed on its face with his foot in order to unstuck it with a terrible sound.

"Yeah! That's what happens! Yeah, that's what happens, when you try'na mess with the big boy!" he shouted at it, after he got over the shock that he'd just killed a supposedly virtual being, and therefore an animal bigger than a chicken. He had killed a chicken before. Many chickens, actually. By simply removing their heads.

Just as he was brushing himself off of the dirt, he heard a shuffling noise from above. He jerked his heard upwards to see somebody running from branch to branch with ease and security. His eyes widened in surprise to see Mario, or simply somebody who was dressed like the italian plumber. That guy was tall, taller than himself as far as he could tell, and he was wearing a fake mustache - James could tell it was fake from where he was standing. Who the heck has mustaches these days, anyway?!

In any case, if that somebody was dressed as a video game character just like him, that meant that there were other humans Camelia shared her powers with on the island. Mario could be proven a useful ally - his stomp was deadly, somehow. Probably because of his weight. But that guy didn't seem fat...

"Yo, Mario!" His voice sounded as if he was grinning greatly behind the mask. "You missed a Goomba there!" he said, pointing at the Goomba on the ground with his sword.

"... or should I say, 'Punching Bags'?" he chuckled.

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