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So Annabelle, save for Tobi and Oda, of the swords, mostly because they are always yelling at her and such.

The way Ari dresses annoys her, though she would not be enemies with her.

The same reason Marcus is wary of his sister is why he might not like Annabelle. Also Annabelle would never go to him on her own, (she is in the most simple sense, a delinquent). Carnellia herself may be a respectable figure to Anna, especially since she is in the intelligence field. Anna rarely sees beck, so she has no opinions about him. Flint is someone she also sees rarely, though the few times she has, she thought of him as a mean person, though she never really met him to really see.

Anna will associate with Xoxaa, and thinks of her as a very nice person. Since they are the same age, Anna also tries to be her friend

(I'll get the rest as the day goes on)
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