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    Roxas Jaden Asakura
    - Alice's room

    Roxas sighed as Alice said she was fine. "look, i'm sorry i was pushing, but if i had dragged you i probably would've hurt you." Roxas apologized for his behavior, all this reminded him of Namine, the girl he was friends with in his childhood.

    "I'm sorry for worrying…" Roxas looked away with a slight blush on his cheeks, he was feeling a little uneasy because he was standing forward a girl's room door.

    "Maybe you should explain." Obilivio interfered, Roxas glanced at him but then nodded, his Lucario was right, he might as well explain this before he caused misunderstandings.

    "When i was younger, there was this girl i was friends with, we played everyday but…" Roxas looked away from Alice and her Solosis again and rubbed the back of his head. "She got really sick, and instead of telling me that she didn't feel okay at all, she kept telling me that she was okay and spended her last months playing with me." Roxas paused and took a deep breath before continueing.

    "At the day i decided to confess my feelings to her, her parents told me she had died…" Roxas sighed and looked back at the two, doing his best to suspress his tears, which worked. "you see, i'm not going to fell for that again, when you're sick you have to lay in bed and rest untill you are better, so please get some rest okay?" Roxas said, Obilivio watched him and then at Alice and Jello.
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