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    Originally Posted by ElementChaoz View Post
    Sorry to ask, but what are the infrared features and passersby on the c-gear ?

    Sorry to ask, I'm gonna own a DS or a 3DS here sometimes next year and get the pokemon games for the DS's
    Let's say you with White 2 (let's assume this for my example) and a buddy with Black 2 are sitting on a bench in the park. You are in range with one another, so you can use the Union Room to do any trading and such (just like Wifi but you do not require a FC) or use features on the C-Gear like visiting each other's world. You can do Passersby Analytics surveys, etc.

    However, when you later return home to opposite sides of the city, your two systems are no longer in range. You can no longer visit the other person's world or use the Union Room to communicate.

    This is the best I can explain "range". If you're not in range with another player, there are certain activities you cannot do under any circumstances. At that point, you trade FCs and use the middle room, which works provided you can access the Internet (and that becomes your "range").

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