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Dane Cordes

Dane continued practicing his manuverablity with his jumping. So far he was quickly getting better traveling through the treetops, which would be handy for any sort of sneak attacks he'd have to pull off. As he practiced, he noticed a couple creatures down on the ground below. Goombas.... Koopas... other creatures supposedly from video games. Well... they were never friendly, so why not practice on a few? Along the way, he practiced on a couple of Goombas along the way, Mario style. A simple jump on top of the head took them out quickly. This way was even more satisfying then jumping through a couple trees!

Along the way he heard someone call out his name... well... Mario's name anyways. From what he could see, the person who called him out looked like a humanoid version of Meta Knight. Maybe that was one of the other survivors that was mentioned...? Well he may as well take a Chance. Dane jumped down from one of the trees, showing off with an extra somersault, and jumped right on top of the Goomba, with the sort of style expected from the actual plumber. He tipped has hat to the stranger.

"If your going to beat a Goomba efficiently, you need to think the classics. Jumping on them defeats them surely!" Dane said, glancing at the Meta Knight Cosplayer's sword. He hoped that the other survivors had at least played a Mario game. Goombas and Koopas were simple. He just prayed that nobody had kicked a Koopa Shell off into a random direction. Allan Those things stopped for no man.

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