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Originally Posted by Pinkie-Dawn View Post
But the original Genesects do not have cannons, as pointed out by Iceman, which contradicts your theory of the Red Genesect being one of them. The point I'm trying to make is that Genesect is suppose to be like Mewtwo: the only one of its kind, much like the Lake trio, the Creation trio, and Arceus.
The summary is pretty confusing if that is the case then. If the Red Genesect isn't supposed to be there in the 'modern city' and the Purple one may or may not is supposed to be then why is that? Also why mention 300 million years ago?

Maybe the developers just forgot the idea of the cannon being a new thing. :V but either way I don't mind the idea of there being more than one of them if they originally were more than one before it became a fossil. Nothing says that it was the only one of it's find before it was fossilized (unless there is but I wouldn't know and I'm too lazy to look).

Genesect normally can't learn Extemespeed. So the fact that it does (plus the fact that it is shiny) is what makes it special and thus why it is part of the title.
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