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    Samus "Mimi" Aran

    Following the riverbank proved easy for the wandering Samus, for the steps with slender metal boots were far quieter than she could have expected. Each movement, be it a twitch of her finger or a turn of her head, felt more fluid than ever before. Her altered muscles tugged and shoved along with the mechanized power suit, in a way that made the stray cosplayer feel empowered. Even the way the cannon attached to her arm would emanate a steady glow upon her command caused a feeling of pride to burst within Mimi's chest.

    It was like when she was on stage, the young woman rationalized, when a guitar was clutched between her fingers and it was as though the audience wasn't there. Nobody was. All that existed was Mimi and her guitar in a sordid affair of fingertips dancing across strings, of the music they brought so easily into the world with what seemed to be only a thought, as her muscles carried out the commands of her mind. This power suit was similar; a symbiotic relationship where each member supported the other.

    That feeling was glorious. Mimi stalked along the riverbank with a flicking head, without a care for the spittle of water that brushed up along her suit in an attempt to annoy her; she was a physical god now, and water wouldn't harm her any more than the air. She wasn't sure just what her goal was, even as she found her way to the tall pines of the forest, but if there were some way to use these new-found abilities, she wanted to find it swiftly and bring her wrath upon it.

    Mimi's lurking about the forest was far more successful, once she possessed cover in the form of tree titans to flit about between. Her abilities were at their best when used with range, so she would be able to dance through the trees like a slenderwoman while unleashing her armaments at whichever foe she encountered first. It did not take long for her to find the first, for her already lanky legs were only lengthened by the power suit, giving her quite the speed and finesse for walking across the fallen twigs and leaves of the forest.

    The turtle creature came as Mimi pondered why she'd been able to adapt to this mindset so easily. Violence had been a part of her life ever since taking up the mantle of a self-titled rocker, but those were brawls with less-than-pleasant people that involved her own fists and maybe somebody else's instruments. Not even all of them were won alone. But she was no psychologist, and a red-shelled monster popped up on her HUD with the information that it was a Koopa Trooper. Or something else, but she didn't really care.

    With the grace of a ninja, Mimi rolled behind a rock and peeked over the top of it as the yellow-skinned Koopa bashed its shell against a tree in the hopes of knocking down the low-hanging apples overhead. The emerald cannon upon Mimi's arm first began to hum with a soft tingling sensation, not unpleasant but certainly not normal. Then the noise of its growing burst almost shrieked through the shroud of trees and rock she found herself in, but the damage to her presence was already done, as the Koopa's head turned to face the distracting noise.

    Then, with a great white flash, the cannon's energy shot out of Mimi's cannon before she could blink. It rolled through the air like a bowling ball of unstable purple energy that enveloped the Koopa and its shell before it could even think of trying to hide from the dangerous blast of power. But, Mimi hadn't braced herself before releasing the charge, which sent the teen tumbling backwards for a few moments before she could let out a cheer of victory. Instead, her head hit the ground with a thump and she rolled back to her feet with surprising flexibility and a little less pride.

    Despite it, a grin spread across Mimi's face. She hopped over the rock and approached her fallen enemy, expecting to find only the spoils of war, a murmuring came from all around the solo teen. At first, she turned away from the apple tree to face whatever was making the noise. Her HUD came up with nothing for a few moments, before it was filled with everything. The mounds of earth and greenery that she'd thought were merely plants were rising from their slumber, to face the sudden noises with their combined might.

    "....mother of God." Mimi muttered in response to the tens of Koopa Troopers that filled her screen, as they rose with spilled dirt and their shroud of plants. This fight was going to be rough.