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Allan 'Lucario' Larsen - Forest

Allan kept leaping from branch to branch, finding it easier and easier to control Lucario's swift, lithe movements. He felt like he could move incredibly fast if he only set his mind to it, but decided he wasn't going to test out that theory just now.

He came to a stop. Narrowing his eyes, he turned his head a little left and right, listening closely. He could hear -something-, and something else told him that this was part of the Lucario character as well. Slightly better hearing than if he had just been a regular human.

The sounds he heard were definitely something akin to the noise of fighting and he decided to check it out. It might just be another ex-captive, after all. After about half a minute of quickened jumping from treetop to treetop, he came to the bank of a large river, still unable to spot what was happening, but easily being able to hear it.

He closed his eyes, darkness embracing him as he tried to regain the calm he had experienced earlier. Within long, he felt the sensation of the aura-sensing once more, turning his head with his closed eyes around until he noticed one large aura and several smaller ones. Fifteen or twenty of the lot.

Opening them again, he slipped into the tree and jumped two more treets up the bank where he stood on a branch, watching what seemed to be... Samus Aran fighting off a horde of Koopas. After a moment of watching the fighting occuring, Allan figured that, if anything, the Koopas belonged to Bowser who, probably, were in league with Mewtwo and this brother of Cammy's.

Deciding to waste no more time, he lept from the branch towards the suit of armor being swarmed by the koopas. She, as he assumed it was a woman in there, was doing a good job of keeping the Koopas away, but she did take a hit here and there. Allan landed firmly on the ground near a Koopa, and before it could react, he had pulled his arm back and delivered a thrust of a palm towards its backside, sending it flying to the side. He dispatched another two before leaping back, pulling his arms up behind him.

He hadn't tried this yet, so he was going to rely on the fact that he could pull it off. Focusing his energies around his hands, a small, black ball of energy slowly conjured itself between his palms, growing bigger and bigger. The Koopas seemed split between attacking him and Samus and only as a few of them charged directly at him, did he let the rather large orb of black energy shoot forwards, the Koopas having no time to evade the swift energy-ball as two were knocked aside and another two simply blasted away, into the depths of the forest as the ball dispersed, the energy spent.

Hopefully, this was enough to give Samus some breathing space, but he had no time to rest, as he lept forwards again to make sure no other Koopas made it as much as close to either him, or her.