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Originally Posted by Retro Bug View Post
That's rightfully confusing. We start in August and our finals are around now/December for the first half of the year/semester. Then the second semester they're in May. We only have semester/half a year classes not full year classes like I recently learned other Universities do.

Darn you Southerners! :P

Nice people are boring. Sadistic, vindictive people are the best especially ones that start with an A! ;D Speaking of which Ari loves messing with the newbies!
We sign up for a full year of classes, but have two trimesters of it (with a third optional Trimester during our Summer break). Going by my courses, my first Trimester runs from 4 March to 9 June, while the second runs from 15 July to 20 October.

Originally Posted by CarefulWetPaint View Post
Oh please uni starts at the end of February >.>

So uhh.. Whats Aerous and Oda's relationship like? Well whats Aerous relationship like with everyone? I'd like to know how to approach encounters with other players :3
Yeah, we're lazy over the ditch, we start later XD.

I believe we decided Aerous and Camellia would be somewhat of good friends, probably Aerous keeping an eye out for Ari who would want to split them.
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