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    Yeah that girl in that video is amazing- especially that bit at the end where she's holding herself like that and spinning slowly.
    I know two people who do pole-dancing. One's an old friend who does it because she also loves dance, too! (the one I mentioned earlier) She's amazing and super strong and elegant.
    I know someone else from uni who opened up her own pole dancing studio and she.. does it for bachelorette parties- and she does it raunchily, too. :/ I dunno, I just find it to be a bit impersonal in that regard. I don't want other people to see how I'd potentially court someone with my body- it's why I dislike people grinding in clubs but that's just my opinion really.

    It feels like I know both a proper pole-dancer, and another person who is like.. a wanna-be-pole-dancer-for-attention-and-because-she-likes-sex.

    And yomyom I made a nice salad tonight topped with some lean ground beef and onion I cooked and a little bit of corn <3
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