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    Appearing on the beach in a flash of light, Shawn took a look at his new surroundings. He heard the waves crashing behind him, saw the gentle sway of the trees, and he felt completely at peace. It almost made him forget about the dragon that wanted him and everyone else out of the way.

    He had to make an effort to walk rather than run along the beach, which was unusual to him. Apparently, Falcon was really hyper and preferred to run than take it slowly and walk. His muscles were twitching, full of energy. He remebered that Falcon had speed and toughness, but if someone throws something at him, the only thing he can do is dodge or jump away. Maybe Shawn can improve on that sometime...

    As he walked, he found that the trees were actually fruit trees. Shawn suddenly felt so hungry...Maybe stopping for some food won't be so bad. He plucked a couple of apples off the tree and started eating, not paying attention to the two creatures walking up to him. Both creatures were turtles, but they had metallic helmets on and carried hammers. The Hammer Bros. saw Shawn and chattered to each other, then started laughing as one of them lobbed a hammer at Shawn's head.

    Shawn felt the hammer hit the back of his head, but the helmet absorbed some of the hit. "OW!" he cried, as he turned to the Hammer Bros. He tucked the uneaten apple into his jacket and adopted a fighting stance. "Alright, guys," he called to the duo, "bring it on!"

    The Hammer Bros. started lobbing their hammers in his direction as Shawn ran at them. The speed he moved at was incredible, but the hammers were raining down on him as he charged. He used his Falcon Kick to damage one of them, getting in close so he couldn't throw his hammers. Shawn quickly went to work, employing his martial arts skills to outmuscle the turtle. He grabbed the creature and threw him in the air, following it up with two powerful upward kicks, knocking him away. The second Bros. kept throwing his weapons, but Shawn went after him with his Raptor Boost, knocking him up in the air. Shawn leapt up after him, grabbing him into the Falcon Dive. As Shawn landed, the turtle fell back towards him, not finished yet as one last hammer hit Shawn across the face, breaking his nose. Fighting through the tears that welled up from the pain, he concentrated his energy into his fist. When the singular Hammer Bros. fell in range, he unleashed his Falcon Punch to knock him out.

    Feeling a little beaten (and bloody) from that battle, Shawn went to the tree again to resume his meal. As he ate his fill from the tree, he started feeling better.

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