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    Samus "Mimi" Aran
    When the turtle creatures known as Koopas first began to swarm around her, Mimi dived behind the tall apple tree that their brethren had been using for food in an attempt to hide from their sight, but the damage was already done as they came circling around to nip and smash into her armored legs. The long-limbed woman made a leap over the first row of Koopas that surrounded her, swinging the heavy cannon adorning her arm into a few of their faces as she went and landing on the other side of their circle, tumbling into a roll before she could stand steadily on two legs.

    The swing of Mimi's cannon only managed to bash a few of the Koopa squad as the rest turned to face the leaping woman, leaving her with no time to begin a weave through the trees. Raising her already well-used cannon, she let loose a burst of fire that cascaded energy on the ground before her, before she nimbly leaped away with to use the trees as a pattern for her attacks. If she would be able to contain the Koopas within a certain area, hit and run would be her best bet of eventually grinding them all down to nothing.

    Mimi sprinted around the trees an an irregular pattern ton confuse the Koopas as she was one moment beside them, or between them the next, but the method left her unable to do much damage to them by herself. With a beep of her HUD, another figure was detected approaching from behind. As she span round, she charged her arm cannon with a warning hum to frighten the closest Koopas as she tried to spot the newest arrival to her little brawl, only to see him leap swiftly through the trees and take down a Koopa in place of her. Though her HUD marked him as human, and that was good enough for her to not waste her charge on the fellow.

    Instead, Mimi sought to keep the horde of turtles at bay with a few sweeping kicks as she moved between the trees, but at this rate, the two of them would never be able to take down the group without becoming exhausted first. Instead of choosing to prolong the fight, she lets out a burst of her arm cannon to stagger their gathered enemies and looks to the boy dressed like a Pokemon, shining a light on the side of her helmet to catch his attention and gesturing with her thumb to the river, in the hopes that the young man would understand their need to flee.