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Dragon, Although I can't see Dragonish Eeveelution pure because how I can't Imagine a feline-dogish-dragonish-reptile It sure needs to have sharp claws, sharp fangs, a big strong tail, and mostlikely scales which I can't see a Eeveelution with it or a Dragon without it.

As for Ghost I think they need to make a extra Eeveelution then because I can Imagine Eevee-trios being made, The Original Trio - The Mystic Trio (Umbreon, Espeon and the Ghost one if it comes) and another to fit in the 3rd Trio.

What I wanted to see myself which maybe makes no sense is the Normal Eeveelution which is reached by leveling.
Eeveeleon! the Normal evolution and the boss of all Eeveelutions. It has no weakness to Eeveelutions and can't hurt them super with a stab.

Gliscor is boss. Period.