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Allan 'Lucario' Larsen - Forest

Allan was happy that the Samus character hadn't decided to attack him at first sight, but it was a short-lived relief as he was rather busy focusing on not getting overwhelmed by the steadily increasing number of Koopas. He managed to hold his own fairly well, only getting smacked over the shin or on the arm by a koope every now and then, merely shrugging off the damage and knocking the turtle away.

However, it wasn't looking too good, with the amount of the turtles attacking the two, despite their prowess. He cringed a little as a light struck the side of his face, and he turned his head to see what was happening. Samus seemed to be trying to catch his attention with the light while fighting, managing to keep the Koopas away with a well-aimed blast. She jabbed a thumb backwards, towards the river and Allan nodded quickly, instantly realizing what she was suggesting.

"Go, I'll be right behind you!" He called out, pulling his right arm back to charge up another energy blast. The less he used this abilitity, the harder it should hit, by the logic of the game at least. Without turning to look if Samus had turned to take a dash towards the river, Allan charged up the attack, and just before the Koopas reached him, he thrust his arm forwards, sending a blue blast of energy forwards in a wide spray, sending many of them sliding or even falling backwards.

They were still coming for him however, and, while panting, he turned and dashed towards the river, hoping to catch up with his newfound ally.

( You can go ahead and bunny Allan a little for the next post Lili. Like, if she suggests going into the water, he'd follow, run along the bank, he'd follow, etcetera )