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Originally Posted by Chaos Rush View Post
Minor stuff:
I have successfully implemented Jambo51's mugshot hack thingy, allowing me to choose a mugshot for any trainer I want, and use any palette I want.

And I have several new maps completed

Comments? Suggestions?
Actually, I don't comment often, I do have some suggestions. Skotein, a youtube artist of pokemon music, makes some great reorchestrated stuff. So maybe for the soft music use one or two of his songs. (They are on his homepage in playlists.) Also, I know this won't happen, but maybe do a DJtheFishhead jazz remix for lavender town and possibly his battle remix for maybe a super nerd or scientist or something. But other than that recommendation, great job so far, and keep up the good work. I look forward to playing this. Or maybe the Pokemon Epic! - battle theme for some random trainer or something.