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    Originally Posted by Charizardlvl.98 View Post
    Actually, I don't comment often, I do have some suggestions. Skotein, a youtube artist of pokemon music, makes some great reorchestrated stuff. So maybe for the soft music use one or two of his songs. (They are on his homepage in playlists.) Also, I know this won't happen, but maybe do a DJtheFishhead jazz remix for lavender town and possibly his battle remix for maybe a super nerd or scientist or something. But other than that recommendation, great job so far, and keep up the good work. I look forward to playing this.
    I am doing all of the custom music myself, as I know a lot about music (I'm 1st chair Clarinet in my high school's band, I also play saxophone, and I also sing, and I am in my school's top choir).

    A lot of the songs will just be GBA-ified versions of HG/SS songs (thanks to Jambo51's 12 direct sound hack). Rather than using HG/SS instruments, I'm still limiting myself to R/S/E/FR/LG instruments, because I am keeping a couple songs from the original FireRed ROM completely unchanged (such as Celadon City).

    Several songs will be key-adjusted versions of their FR/LG versions, because in FR/LG they changed the keys of a lot of remixes. I want the songs to be heard in the original key that they were composed in during the 1st Generation games. For instance, in R/G/B/Y, the Vermilion City theme is in the key of A. In FR/LG, they changed it to the key of D and made it sound dumb, so I'm going to change it back to the key of A. Because I have perfect pitch (this is why I can identify key signatures so easily), this is really easy for me to do.

    Some FR/LG still sound stupid no matter what key I change it to, such as the FR/LG battle theme, so I'll be composing a new R/S/E-style remix for that.

    And finally, R/S/E has my favorite soundtrack. I've ported the Poke Mart theme, the "Follow Me!" theme, and the Hall of Fame room theme from R/S/E, and unlike lots of FireRed hacks, I've made it so that it sounds exactly like it does in R/S/E. I've seen FireRed hacks where people try and port songs from R/S/E and make it fit with FireRed voicegroups, which is just bad. I've ported all of the missing drum samples straight from Emerald into my FireRed ROM, and I actually make new voicegroups rather than re-using ones already in the game.

    Random, but here's some more screens since there won't be any playable stuff for a while:

    And some more screens of attacks:

    New Hydro Pump animation

    (I actually completed all of these animations back in October)