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    #5: Fire? And a Purpose?

    Blaze was annoyed. Staring at the newcomer who practically invaded his bed, he grunted at Jari. Jari tried to give him couch space, but was eventually on the couch by himself after much argument. Jari slept on the hardwood floor that night, on a quilt. It was extremely uncomfortable, but he fell asleep. Eventually.

    “I fell asleep?!” Jari exclaimed.
    “Yeah. Well, I have nothing to say.”
    “Wait, what?”
    “Nothing, really, that I can think of... well, actually, maybe something.” The lizard scratched his chin. “Some stuff, you know, we might work on... later. Want a sparring match? Actually... woah...”
    “I think you may want to wake up about now.”

    Jari looked around. The Rufflet was fast asleep, truly invading the bed as the Monferno was probably king of the couch. Why would he want to wake... wait a sec. Jari looked around. That smell... it wasn’t a normal smell. It was the smell of... the smell... of...

    “Fire!” Jari yelled. Nothing else was needed, as both Pokemon were awake.
    “Tell me you ain’t cryin wolf, ‘cause I got some sleep to catch...” The Rufflet said. Blaze nodded in agreement.
    “I’m dead serious. We have to get out. Ruffl- what’s your name?”
    “Well, erm, the name is Ronin. No master or lord or any of that crap.”
    “Fits you. Check what floor the fire is on. Your wound should almost be healed.”
    “Alright.” Ronin flew out the window, flapping his wings as he looked around. He thought, and looked around. There! The thirteenth floor was to the brim with smoke, and so was the fourteenth, twelfth, and eleventh. They, on the other hand, were on the sixth. He flew back into the room. “Thirteenth floor his a-blazin. The fourteenth, twelfth, and eleventh are too. There’s someone yellin for help, but we sho-”
    “We have to help them!”
    “Nonono, that’s the firefighter’s job. We gotta get moving.”
    “You can get going. If you don’t want to help, you have a chance to leave.”
    “Well...” It was too late. Jari was already running out the door, phone in hand and Blaze on shoulder.

    Jari burst the door open. The thirteenth floor was a mess. And worse of all, he was staring face to face with a Camerupt.

    “No... no... more.... NO MORE HUMANS! NO MORE!” The Camerupt roared to life, and proceeded to headbutt the unsuspecting Jari.
    “Woah woah woah!” Jari was almost hurt by the literally wild Pokemon, and if it weren’t for Blaze countering with a Mach Punch, Jari would have probably broken a rib or two being nowhere near the ground... except... a few rocks. Jari winced. He could use the rocks, but they could only buy him time... unless... “Blaze, cover me. I have a plan.” The Monferno nodded, and Jari noted growth since the beginning of the league. He would have to check it out later, though. Now, he began to fuse the rocks left by melting parts of each one, then sticking them together, then cooling them so that they fused, which the stone took on a more dagger- like shape.

    “Why are you doing this!” Jari yelled at the Camerupt.
    “Humans... they ruin... Pokemon... LIFE!!!” The Camerupt’s attitude was annoying him.
    “It’s said ‘Humans ruin a Pokemon’s life,’ and beyond that, we don’t. Well, I don’t.” He didn’t want to hurt the Camerupt, but as he first saw the young trainer’s unconscious body, Jari was furious. “How the heck did you get up here anyway?”
    “PokeBall... horrible PokeBall...” The Camerupt motioned towards the trainer. Jari looked at the Pokemon once again, now noticing what had happened. Jari was a bit confused... what should he do at the moment, anyway?
    “Coming through!”
    “Ronin!” The bird flew threw the air with grass in it’s beak.
    “Do not fear, Ronin is here!” The bird’s brave attitude disrupted the commotion quickly. “I need you to buy me some time,” he whispered to Jari. Jari nodded, and the dagger became a ball.
    “Hey volcano-back! Take this!” The round stone bounced off the rib of the Camerupt. It did a bit of damage, but it wasn’t possibly going to do the job on its own.
    “You like any other human! Cause only misery... ONLY PAIN!” The Camerupt, although taking a small amount of damage from the stone, was quickly rushing towards Jari again.
    “Ronin! You know what to do!” A muffled “mm hmm” was heard as Ronin pulled the Grass Knot he had created with his beak, making it sturdier. The Camerupt fell to the ground, hitting his face harshly.
    “Ack... Hu... mans....” The Camerupt lay down, exhausted. Jari looked through the still burning floor, and he abruptly found the trainer who cried for help and ran. The sixth floor was still free of flames, and it seemed it would stay that way. Still, Jari packed his bags and walked out of the hotel with Ronin and Blaze, whistling.

    “So is this how we part ways?” Jari asked, almost disappointedly.
    “Well, uh... I guess I gotta repay you with somethin.” Ronin thought for a moment. “Catch me,” he said quietly.
    “Wait, what?”
    “I want to be on yo’ team, Jari, don’t cha get it?”
    “I mean, sure, I guess?”
    And thus, Ronin joined Jari’s team.

    Jari walked down the crowded streets of Tokyo. His bike was beside him, but there wasn’t enough space to ride it. In fact, at one moment, he was returning Blaze to his PokeBall, since it was too squished to have him walking. As he returned the Pokemon along the streets of Tokyo, one person shoved him with his shoulder pretty hard. He swiveled around, and that person gave no explanation, but glaring at Blaze’s Pokeball being put away, he said...

    "How do you know that your Pokemon are satisfied with their lives? How do you know that they're satisfied with taking orders from you, with fighting other Pokemon for your gain, with spending time in a dark cage when you don't need them? How, when instead they might be free to lead their own lives?"

    Before he could reply, the mysterious stranger had disappeared into the crowd. And later, as he approached the gym, he wore a confident smirk, but on the inside he questioned himself carefully, eyeing his pockets...

    “Do Blaze and Ronin really want to do this...?” He said out loud.
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