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Daniel Williamson / Level 14
Floor 8 - Dovren Home

Daniel didn’t interrupt Jet’s story, nor did he ask any questions after it was done. He felt that the story was none of his business. Regardless, he sympathized with Jet to the best that he could. It was a sad tale, one that didn’t simply end with the death of his partner, but it seemed to be living on through the vengeful Dexter. In which case, Daniel figured that this was a matter of blackmail, so there wasn’t exactly much he could do about the ordeal directly, as it was a personal issue, but the best thing he could think to do was take Jet’s mind off of the issue; after all, Jet allowed him to meet his daughter, he owed him a favor in return.

Daniel bore a large smile and said, “I think I heard a yawn.” He looked to Tara, who indeed had her hand over her mouth. He wasn’t exactly sure if she actually yawned or not, but that detail didn’t really matter. “It looks like my little princess needs to go to her royal bed.”

“B-but I want more stew!” She said with puffed cheeks.

“Don’t argue with me young lady, it’s your bedtime and that’s exactly where you’re going- to bed.” Yeesh, that line definitely came from a mom on some 80s or 90s show. Daniel’s tone was firm and so was his stance, he was serious. Tara didn’t like this much and she started yelling words furiously. “I’mstillhungryIwantsomemorestewI’mnotsleepydon’tmakemegotobeditisn’tfairI’mnoteventiredyoucan’tmakemeI’lldowhatIwantWAAAH” Daniel’s mother was a home day care provider since the day he was born until he turned 18, so he expected this. He took her bowl from the table and placed it in the sink to wash later. Tara started to cry, still yelling fierce albeit empty words. Daniel chuckled a little; he couldn’t get over how cute his daughter was, and how spoiled she was. Then again, maybe it was that time with Jet that made her so spoiled…but given her initial reaction to the stew, it was probably because she’d never eaten anything like it. He put his hand on Jet’s shoulder and said, “Once I put the little one to bed, we can go to the dungeon. Oh, and if you would, can you put the stew in the fridge? Or if you want, you can have more. It’s fine, mi casa es tu casa.” As always, Daniel was incredibly excited. It seemed that the more dangerous confrontations excited him most, and this definitely fit that category.

He picked up Tara by her waist, even as she continued to kick and scream. He took her up to his room with the large bed and placed her under the covers. She wasn’t kicking and screaming anymore, but she was still crying. “Tara, honey, me and Jet are gonna go out on an adventure. I’ll have a wonderful story to tell you when we get back.” He said as he brushed her hair.

“W-why can’t I go?” She said with a broken voice and sniffles. “Me and Big Bro went to fight monsters all the time.”

“Tara, I love you more than anything in this entire world. This is way too dangerous for you, and I don’t know what I’d do if you got hurt…I don’t think I could bear it…” He looked into her deep dark blue, swelling eyes. “I know you hate me, but-“

“I don’t hate you!” She quickly cut in. “I was just mad, I love you daddy.” She hugged him tight as if he was going to disappear if she let him go.

Daniel smiled and again brushed her hair with his hand. “I don’t want you to be used to having too much…” He switched his point from the dungeon to the food. “I noticed that you eat a lot, but eating too much is bad for you…” Tara looked at him for a moment and then nodded. “Just know that all of this…I’m doing all of this for you. Now please, go to sleep. Who knows? Maybe when I get back, you’ll have a new mommy for you.”

“Really!?” Tara exclaimed with an incredible amount of energy, shooting up from the covers. Daniel wasn’t expecting how ecstatic Tara would be at a simple possibility, and it made him smile.

“Possibly, but only if you go to sleep.” Almost immediately, Tara pulled the covers over her and closed her eyes, trying desperately to sleep. Daniel decided to help her out, so he turned off the light and closed the door. He made his way downstairs and equipped into his battle armor and his weapon. “Sorry about the wait, I’m ready when you are.”
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