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    Apollo & Vlad
    “Iz youz awake back there?” Vlad’s booming, accented voice washed over Apollo like a wave on the shoreline. Apollo stirred a little on the great fire dragon’s back, his eyes opening to the sky and ground passing by at a mile a minute it seemed. He was a little ashamed to admit it, but he had indeed nodded off on their long trek across this gigantic country. Japan was absolutely minuscule in comparison, this place, it was something else entirely. So much land, grass and trees. Everything felt so spread out. How did these humans stand it?

    “Uh, yes I’m awake,” he lied, his answer not full of gumption or much passion. He knew the Charizard didn’t believe him for a second, but it mattered little in the grand scheme of things. Glacia had entrusted him on his first mission, not so much as a ‘how do you do’ before he was shipped off. Truth be told, there had been a few targets that presented themselves. When Vlad and himself stopped for water at a river, a lone trainer had been fishing for more Pokemon to add to his collection. However, fear swelled in his chest and he felt an immobilizing fear that prevented him from acting. Vlad seemed to understand, he consoled him as they departed the area.

    “It takez time, youz will be fine,” He had told him.

    “Why don’t you take us down for now?” Apollo had no sooner said the words before Vlad acknowledged. The Charizard tucked his wings against his body, the wind left the fibrous, sail like membranes. They dropped like a stone, Vlad’s shadow swelled on the ground beneath them as they drew nearer and nearer. At the last second, Vlad’s wings extended and they glided to a sound stop within seconds of his doing so. Apollo staggered off in a daze, his footing causing him to stumble and fall face first into the ground. He laid there unmoving, his face turning to look up at the Charizard as he loosed a deep belly laugh. “Would it kill you to give us a gentle landing for once?” Apollo asked him earnestly, his face still half eating dirt.

    “Iz good for you. Makez you strong and buildz character,” Vlad answered completely serious, a knowing and devious glint in his eye. The dragon stiffened suddenly out of the blue, his nose reaching heavenward as it began to sniff with vigor. “Apollo,” he looked down at the Gabite still on the ground. “Wez haz company in the area, it zmells like humanz, or maybe only one humanz.”

    Scrambling to his feet, his manner completely ungraceful, Apollo looked around in a frenzied search. He didn’t see anything, it looked completely devoid of life besides the two of them. “I don’t see anything, are you sure?”

    “Oh yez,” Vlad nodded his head and raised one of his three taloned claws to the east. “Iz over there.”

    “Ok, you stay here.” Apollo walked over and placed his arm against the great beast’s belly. “No offense, you kind of, uhm, stick out.” He patted his stomach and walked off before Vlad could protest. Apollo walked backwards for just a second to see the Charizard rest his head on the ground dejected. Turning back around, he continued walking for a few minutes. He cursed under his breath that Vlad was crazy and this was all some elaborate rookie initiation prank. Just as he was about to turn back, he spied something just across the way.

    A human, sprawled across the ground, laying prone and woefully exposed. Maybe this was the target he needed? Nobody else seemed to be around and this one didn’t seem to be as scary as the one fishing earlier. Cautiously, he approached from behind as he circled about. The Gabite’s steps were as quite as he could make them. Something else seemed amiss, a Pokemon? Humans weren’t known for letting their Pokemon out of balls unless they were fighting. At least, that’s what Apollo always assumed. It looked like a buneary, right next to the unconscious little human. Maybe he was a member of RDM! That would be amazing for Apollo and maybe he could even help this pokemon out and get back to Glacia.

    “E-excuse me?” Apollo asked nervously, his one fingered talons interlocking with each other. “A-are you with RDM?” he asked the buneary expectantly. If the buneary wasn’t, maybe he could play it off as helping the human. Then he could take it either way and still claim the human.
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