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    CHROME: Hey Marie, have you ever caught a Pokémon before?

    MARIE: Uh, of course I have! Yeah . . . well, maybe not really.

    CHROME: Huh? But you have three Pokémon already!

    Chrome had the pleasure of watching Marie attempt to catch an Azurill over and over again. From the beginning, her method had been flawed. Upon seeing one, see immediately threw a pokeball. It had little effect and the wild Azurill busted out quickly. Afterwards, she attempted to battle it . . . with a rock-type. Her Sudowoodo didn’t last long as the scruffy young water mouse did away with it with a few short attacks. Chrome could see the panic that she tried so desperately to hide. He finally asked her his question and was shocked by her answer.

    MARIE: Well, actually, I just started my journey not too long ago . . . and I’ve never needed anyone but these three until I tried to battle Nova Leader Lita. She beat my Pokémon easily. So, I’ve been stuck in this town trying to catch an Azurill, but I always forget to come here on time.

    CHROME: Then, how did you catch those Pokémon?

    MARIE: They were my brother’s. Since he has so many, he gave me these three to start my own journey. So far, I’m off to a bad start, aren’t I?
    Chrome could relate. His primary reason for even going along with this journey was to make Mom proud. As he looked at her saddened expression, slightly covered by her golden strands of hair, he knew that she was only trying to amount to being a trainer that would impress her brother.

    CHROME: How about I help you?

    MARIE: What, you’d do that?

    CHROME: Sure. I only just started my journey a few hours ago, but I already dealt with enough that I can be of some help. Plus, I caught a Pokémon not too long ago myself.

    Marie was legitimately impressed by Chrome. Even though he was a newer trainer than herself, he made more strides simply by catching a Pokémon. His sympathetic smile should’ve been a little insulting, pitying her for being unable to accomplish a simple task. She couldn’t see the insult; she was too distracted by the smile in itself. It caused her to blush uncontrollably yet again.

    CHROME: First, let me check the Pokedex.

    This was Chrome’s first time using the Pokedex more thoroughly. Before, he had only used it to tell him about a Pokémon he spotted. Now, he accessed the feature that would allow him to pick up on weaknesses and resistances for her.

    CHROME: Okay, tell me the names of your two remaining Pokémon.

    MARIE: Uh, Shiftry and Ponyta.

    CHROME: Alright, call out your Shiftry.

    Marie did as Chrome asked without question. The Azurill attempted to use the same attacks on Shiftry off the bat. Shiftry merely shook them off.

    CHROME: Grass-types are naturally resistant to Water-types. It’s similar to watering a plant.

    Chrome hadn’t actually known that before reading the Pokedex. It proved to be a little more useful than he originally thought. He watched Marie’s face light up as she called her out her attack.

    MARIE: Shifter, use Pound!

    It seems like she also liked to nickname her Pokémon.

    After a while, Azurill could take no more, which let Marie know it was okay to throw a pokeball. Marie tensed up at the pressure, similar to the same intensity Chrome when attempting to catch Snivy. After rumbling around the ball stood still. Marie caught her first Pokémon.

    Chrome watched with joy as Marie jumped up and down gleefully. This is the happiest he has seen her since she ran into him. A part of him felt good. He was starting to see the upside to being a trainer through another person. He wasn’t quite able to soak in the feeling of his first capture because of the mysterious man who attacked him. Looking at Marie, he saw what he missed. It was a feeling of accomplishment, becoming better and stronger through experience. Maybe that was the feeling that Mom wanted him to feel so badly when she forced him out of the bed that morning. But he was just as fine with this feeling too. Suddenly, Marie surprised him by disrupting his thoughts with a hug.

    MARIE: Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you, Chrome!

    Chrome began to blush a bit.

    CHROME: Don’t mention it. I enjoyed seeing the look on your face.

    MARIE: We’re going to be good friends, I can tell.

    CHROME: What do you mean by that?

    MARIE: You’re my good luck charm! I’m going to stick close to you!

    Those words caused Chrome’s heart to pound a bit. The day hadn’t ended and here he was with a travelling partner. It had been nothing but a roller coaster of adventure for him in these last few hours. This all before he even got the chance to meet the Nova Leader Lita. He wasn’t against travelling with someone. He just didn’t think he would be doing it with someone he just met. Then again, he didn’t think he would be leaving his room in the morning either.

    MARIE: Now we have to help you catch one!

    CHROME: No need to do that really.

    MARIE: Huh? Why is that?

    Chrome pulled a pokeball from his waist.

    CHROME: I kinda caught one a while ago.

    Marie’s blush got a little bit brighter.
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