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    Anna Volynsky
    Anna cautiously approached the spot where her fallen victim lay. The sight was quite unlike what she had anticipated. The little Goomba’s body lay there of course, but something else was nearby. It looked quite like a gun, no, a rifle. Her hands twitched in anticipation and fear as she squatted to pick it up. The weapon felt reassuringly heavy, but not overly so as her fingers curled around it. Anna had never held a ‘real’ gun before and it was her suspicion that she still hadn’t. It looked familiar of course, it was the super scope. An item drop quite common in the smash brothers world. If she was being honest with herself, she never used it much in the game, preferring other options like throwing a fan.

    Something seemed to take over her body in that instant. She snapped the rifle into position, the butt against her right shoulder, finger hovering and tensing over the firing mechanism. She swept the forest around her with practiced and perfect precision. Precision she never had before, it looked like she had been holding weapons her whole life. Her eyes looked to the weapon, her hands shaking with fear at how quickly she had brandished it and at how comfortable and at home she felt with it. Hell broke loose as she was stuck in her dazed stupor. It was as if the forest had erupted into a cacophony of racket and chaos.

    Battle, it was definitely the sound of battle. For some reason, it reminded her of Star Wars. She could have sworn that something had sounded like laser fire, but different than the kind in Star Wars. Heavier and with more “oomph”. It was soon joined by the sound of another attack, another sound of an energy type weapon. Her feet carried her into a break neck sprint, all pretenses of stealth now gone as she chased after the sounds. Any noise she made now would pale in comparison to the noises that stemmed from the ongoing battle. Curiosity pushed any relevant thoughts of fear from her mind. Maybe these were the others mentioned before?

    The noises grew louder as she drew nearer and nearer, her agile and acrobatic steps carried her over a log as she lunged into a clearing and dived behind a tree. A horde of Koopas were converging on one location, their attacks focused on something she couldn’t quite make out. “Samus?” she asked herself under her breath, not even believing her eyes. So she really wasn’t the only one in costume then?

    Anna jumped out from behind the tree, her posture dropping to one knee as she pulled the super scope to eye level. If there was one thing she remembered from the game, the super scope had a charge function. When the fire button was held down, a large ball of energy would build and shoot clear across the stage. She tried doing so now, her finger depressing the fire button and holding. Electricity began to crackle in the air, light and energy gathered inside the weapon and peeking out from the muzzle. Her hair and bandana tendrils began to gust behind her in a tempest. The weapon sucking up the air around her and expelling it in a peculiar way. Targeting the Koopas, she loosed her finger. A monolithic ball of energy shot forth from the scope and raced towards the enemies. Anna flew backwards from the kickback, she had severely underestimated the weapon’s strength. Her body flew backwards as the ball continued its raging course. Just as her body hit a thick tree and her vision began to go dark, the energy ball bowled over the Koopas, taking a large chunk of them out before it dissipated and released its energy back into the world.