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Originally Posted by The Mega Champion View Post
They suck.

Maybe if they stopped airing shows that suck and aired anime again they might make a comeback.

But since they're ANIME HATERS now I'll enjoy watching their channel finally die once and for all.
Location: proving Cartoon Network are mentally retarded

Not gonna lie, you're starting to bug me. You're constantly popping in at the mere mention of Cartoon Network, dropping a bomb of ill-formed opinions and then hastily leaving, as if what you're saying is UNDISPUTED FACT and no one but you is right. Need I quote your location again?
proving Cartoon network is mentally retarded
As I mentioned earlier in this thread, in a past that seems to be extremely distant, Cartoon Network is changing/has changed its tactics and its programming for a new generation. Programming that to you may be 'mentally retarded', but perfectly entertaining for others. It seems that kids these days aren't into anime - too bad. I don't like the majority of Cartoon Network's lineup either, save a few little diamonds, but times are changing. Your tastes have changed. I'm watching The Powerpuff Girls as we speak, fun fact there. Sure, it is brilliantly written and animated, but even then some plots were questionable. Not questionable as in questionable material, but questionable as in 'did the writers even try?' I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but your crusade to Save Cartoon Network From The Clutches Of The Mental Retardation That Threatens It So is unfounded and useless.
Stop griping about the apparent loss of your childhood and move on.
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