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Aerous Oxus

Oda's gaze feel on Aerous as she turned around to see his smiling face. A look of frustration quickly passed over her face when she saw him, before recomposing herself, the look easily brushed off by Aerous as she was annoyed with having to deal with the thieves. A slight breeze had come through, making his jacket ruffle slightly at the bottom, which he also took no notice of. As he got closer Oda, returned his wave, which he had continued. He stopped where he was and waited for her to say something but she continued to wave, in her own direction. Oh she must be waving me over as well. He thought, continuing to walk towards the ship to talk to her.
“Hello, Aerous.” She said this in a firm voice that Aerous dreaded, I'm definitely about to be scolded again.
“Marcus said I didn't have to hold back as long as I didn't kill anyone, so its okay Oda!” He said, already defending himself. She didn't even reply to this as she looked ad the blood that had pooled into the carpet in front of her. Looks like someone got shot. He thought, waiting for a reply as he got closer to her.
“Are you getting ready for the ball soon?” She said, completely ignoring what he had just said.

Now feeling safe he smiled as he replied. “Yes! Marcus put me on Nova's bodyguard duty for the first half of the ball.” Aerous was looking rather proud as he said this. Oh no, I gotta get ready! Oda sighed a sigh of relief as she heard this.
“Sorry I just remember I have to get back and get cleaned up and a new suit! Sorry again Miss Oda see you tonight!” He spoke, ignoring anything she said as he turned and began running to the main mansion to get ready.

The street's were busier now than when he had gone to the harbour earlier, much to his confusion on why there was more people around. Brushing off the fact he didn't understand he continued to run, easily avoiding anything and anyone who got in his way, even if it was a building, which he just climbed up and jumped over like he was Altair. Ah such a lovely place to run around this city is, he thought while jumping over a fence in a back alley that was only a block or two away from the mansion. Approaching the gates he saw Ari, a fellow member of the family hiding in the garden. What is she doing? He stood in the middle of the gates looking on in wonder as she proceeded to go into the mansion. “Hmm.” He said out loud, beginning to walk towards the main entrance of the mansion. The guards at the entrance of the mansion greeted him as he opened the doors and began to make his way to a room he regularly used that had a shower and a few spare suits stored in it.

As he was walking down the main hallway of the bedroom quarters of the mansion towards his regular room he her a woman's voice. As he got closer he recognised the voice as Ari's and decided to pay a bit more attention to what she was saying. “Grow up, kid.” She's belittling someone again, I hope it's not a new member. He wasn't a fan of the way Ari treated new member's as she seemed to treat them as they weren't part of the family, which frustrated him greatly because in his mind once accepted into the family they were a part of his family.
“..back at the bank and stay there.” Hatred was clearly present in Ari's voice as she came into Aerous view, apparently finishing her sentence. She was leaning against the door way blocking the entrance so the person inside couldn't leave if they wanted to without smashing through the windows. Quieting his footsteps he approached her and tapped her on the shoulder, making sure to avoid eye contact as she turned around, clearly looking angry.

He had already seen that she'd try to use her powers on him if they make eye contact so he just continued to walk away while speaking. “Miss Ari, don't pick or try and intimidate new members of our family please.” His voice was firm and piercing, though lost a bit of its effectiveness as he wasn't looking at her as he spoke. He continued onto his room, ignoring anything she may have said in reply as he was more focused on getting ready and looking presentable enough to stand next to Papa Nova at the ball later that night. “Ah tonight will be a great night.” He said to himself as he threw his clothes off and got into the shower.
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