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    "And here's your Sandshrew, Fait." said the professor.
    "Thank you. I'll have to go now." replied the girl.
    "Wait. I need to tell you something first," said Professor Rowan, making Fait stop and look at him.
    "There is a strange group of Pokemon hanging about. They'll proably be in Jubilife City by now. We need you and the others to stop them. I also need to give you this."

    He gave her a watch. It had a meter on it, and it was a strange metallic colour. The professor had told her why she needed one of these before, and she strapped it onto her left wrist. Fait then left the building and sat on a bench near Route 202. The pokeball that she had been given glimmered in the sunlight as she decided to see her new pokemon. Out came a Sandshrew. It was a strange one, though; it was green. She couldn't understand why, but she started playing with the Pokemon. Soon, the two had bonded well.
    "Should we go to the pokemart, now?" asked Fait.
    "Saand!" replied Sandshrew.

    They both went into the pokemart, while Sandshrew was sitting on her shoulder. Fait was running, and she ran into a boy with blonde hair. He looked somewhat like a gym leader.
    "I am so sorry," she said. Fait looked at the boy's wrist and spotted the meter, exactly the same as the one she was wearing.

    "So you're one of the fifteen that Rowan chose? Maybe you'll be kind to me." she told him, while her Sandshrew ran up to the Larvitar.