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    Shawn heard a huge blast happening nearby. Curious as to what was going on, he raced towards the sound. He saw shapes in front of him and he slid nearby some shrubbery for a better look.

    There were a few Koopa Troopas (many more had been KOed) attacking a couple of people. Well, he wouldn't call them "people"... He recognized them as Samus and Lucario, but they looked more humanoid than he remembered. Did they escape with Cammy's help, like he did? He noticed that the pair looked like they were fighting hard, like the group of attackers were far greater in number before he came onto the scene. Something nagged at Shawn from deep within him. He felt he needed to help them, whether they needed it or not.

    He noticed a few KTs were on the edge of the field...the furthest away from the others, as though gearing up for another wave of attack. Summoning his strength, he burst from the forest with his Falcon Kick attack, catching a couple of enemies off-guard. However, his momentum caused them to crash through the brush across from where he just was! Regaining his balance, he turned to face the two KTs that he hurt, intent on finishing the job.

    The foes charged as Shawn leapt over them, intent on landing on their backs. It worked on Mario Bros., why not here? He missed and landed behind them, so he tried again. He landed on one, causing him to retreat into his shell. The other KT resumed the charge, but Shawn simply grabbed the creature and flung him against a tree, KOing the turtle. Picking up the green Koopa shell, he walked out of the brush, waiting for the opportune moment to throw it.

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